Antimycotoxin that absorbs mycotoxins from feed and prevents Absorbed from the intestine .

Biological anti-toxin with double boosting power from Isomalto

Oligosaccharides and Manan Oligosaccharides are known as two of

the strongest Antitoxins are effective and quick to act .

It has a broad spectrum effect that works on many mycotoxins Especially aflatoxin,ochratoxin and (T2) .

Counteracts the immunosuppressive effect of mycotoxins by stimulating

the immune system and the balanced content of amino acids .

Supportive treatment of fungal poisoning by stimulating metabolism The high content of vitamins and selenium .

The high content of acids inhibits the growth of fungi and harmful intestinal

bacteria and increases the growth of beneficial

bacteria to create an intestinal environment Healthy, resistant to toxins and microbes .


1-2 ml / 4 liters of drinking water




Each liter contains:_

- manan oligosaccharide 25 gr                                      - Isomaltooligosaccharide 53.76 gr 

- betaine 50 gr                                                                 - L.Lysine 20 gr 

- D.L.methionine 30 gr                                                    - Vitamin A 10 million units 

- Vitamin E 50 gr                                                              - selenium 1 gr 

- Vitamin B1 10 gr                                                           - Propionic Acid 100 gr 

- Vitamin B2 7 gr                                                             - Vitamin B6 8 gr 

- lactic acid 100 gr                                                           - citric acid 50 gr