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Composition (powder for injection)

Each bottle contains:

1 , 4 gm ceftiofur sodium


The third generation of the cephalosporin family, with its lethal effect on both Gram-negative and Grampositive bacteria, as well as Mycoplasma.

It has a bioavailability of up to 95%.

It is characterized by its rapid spread to all tissues of the body.

It is characterized by its strong effect in a short time, as it reaches the highest concentration body after 3 hours.

It is characterized by the lowest MIC (Minimum Inhibitory Concentration) giving a high potent efficacy at the lowest possible dose.

It is characterized by its strong effect on all types of pathogenic bacteria (broad spectrum).


Optimum treatment of mycoplasma (CRD & CCRD) in birds.

For the treatment of diarrhea caused by bacteria (Streptococcus,

Staphylococcus, E.coli and Salmonella).

For the treatment of Clostridia infection in poultry (necrotic

ulceration) as well as fowl cholera.

To treat animals from the following diseases: Upper respiratory infections, Bovine pneumonia (BRD), Mastitis, shipping fever, Foot rot, uterine infections in cows (Metritis).


( (0.08 - 0.2 mg Ceftiofur/chick.

1 gm bottle dissolved in 20 ml solvent, then diluted till 1600 ml . for


Inject 0.2 ml (subcutaneously) of the solution per chick (1 gm/8000


Inject 2 ml (subcutaneously) of the solution per chicken (1 gm/800 kg

live body weight). for animals

2 gm Maxfur / per animal 400 kg (divided into 3 days).

Inject 1 ml / 50 kg body weight for 3 days (intramuscularly) after

dilution (1 gm in 20 ml).


1 , 4 gm vial