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Composition : (water soluble powder)

Each 1 kg contains:

21gm Oxytetracycline Hydrochloride.

equivalent to 200 gm oxytetracycline base (.


Broad spectrum antibiotic against bacteria (+ve, -ve)

It acts as Bacteriostatic, Bactericidal according to concentration.

Leads to a significant improvement in the health of the herd and protects against diseases.

Phibroxy leads to reduce the risks resulting from injuries secondary during a viral infection.

Phibroxy leads to an increase in growth rates and an improvement in FCR.

Phibroxy does not have a harmful effect on the specifications of the egg and shell.


It is used as a prevention and treatment for mycoplasma / coryza diseases / cholera /E. Coli / Typhoid / pullorum as well as treat Turkey from Mycoplasma, Blue Comb and Hexamitiasis

It is used to improve egg production rates, fertility rates and hatchability.


To add to water -- 100 gm / 1000 kg body weight at a rate of 1 g / liter of water for 5 days

To add to the feed -- 1 kg / ton of feed for 7 days


1, 5, 25 kg