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Composition : (feed additive)

Each 1 kg contains:

49.9g lincomycin hydrochloride

( Equivalent to 44 gm lincomycin base )

Soybean up to 1 kg


Lincomycin prevents the formation of protein bonds of the

bacterial cell.

Characterized by a killer effect on Gram-positive aerobic and

anaerobic bacteria.

It is the ideal preparation for the elimination of clostridia.

Characterized by the strong effect on mycoplasma.

Phibrolinc Bacteriostatic & Bactericidal works according to the dose

Phibrolinc is characterized by a high degree of stability and

tolerance to different temperatures.

Phibrolinc is characterized by rapid absorption and spread as

it reaches the highest-level concentration after 2-4 hours.


The ideal product to get rid of clostridia and gram-positive


It is used to treat mycoplasma in birds.

Characterized by the effect of the enhancer of performance

and production (meat / eggs)


To add to the feed: 50-100 gm / ton of feed for 7 days


5-10 kg