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Linco Vast

Composition : (water soluble powder)

Each 1 kg contains:

500 gm lincomycin hydrochloride

(Equivalent to 441 g lincomycin base)

lactose up to 1 kg


Lincomycin binds to the 50S ribosomal subunit thus,

prevents the formation of protein bonds for the bacterial


Lincovast dissolves quickly in water without any sediment.

Lincovast is characterized by its killing effect on aerobic

bacteria Gram-positive anaerobes.

Lincovast is the ideal preparation for the eradication of


Lincovast is very effective on mycoplasma.

Lincovast acts as Bacteriostatic & Bactericidal according to

the dose.

Lincovast is characterized by a high degree of stability and

tolerance to different temperatures.

Lincovast is characterized by rapid absorption and spread

as it reaches the highest-level concentration after 2-4 hours.


The ideal product to get rid of Clostridia and Gram-positive


It is also used to treat mycoplasma in birds.

It also enhances the performance and production (meat /



To add to the water - 120 mg of the product / liter of wate

for 7 days.

(At a rate of 0.5 - 1 g / liter of water)


1, 10 kg