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Composition (powder soluble in water)

Each 100 gm contains:

55.8 gm tiamulin hydrogen fumarate

(Equivalent to 45 gm tiamulin base)


Pneumolin is an antibiotic that acts on the 50 S ribosome, which breaks the protein bond of the bacterial cell thus kills pathogens.

Pneumolin is characterized by its rapid dissolution, rapid absorption, and dispersal.

A broad-spectrum antibiotic against all bacteria (+ve, -ve).

Pneumolin acts as Bacteriostatic, Bactericidal according to the concentration.

Pneumolin reduces the risk of injuries secondary during a viral infection.

Pneumolin leads to an increase in growth rates and an improvement in FCR.


It is used as prevention and treatment for mycoplasma, (CRD, CCRD) and especially gram +ve bacteria.

It is used to improve the productivity of meat, eggs and improve fertility and hatching rates in Breeders.


(25-50 mg / kg body weight).

1 – 1.3 gm /L of water for 3-5 days

For Badari ---- the first three days of life

The first three days of the fourth week

For mothers and eggs ---- the first three days of life 3 days each month


100 , 500 gm , 1 kg