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Composition (Water soluble powder)

Each 1 kg contains:

50 gm Florfenicol (50%)


Florfenicol is the newest generation of the chloramphenicol family.

Phibroflor is an advanced formula that does not cause the side effects caused by

chloramphenicol because of replacing the hydroxyl group with a fluorine group, as well as

replacing the nitro group with a sulfonyl group.

Phibroflor is a broad spectrum antibiotic effective against -ve+, ve.

Phibroflor reaches its highest plasma concentration within 0.5 hour.

It begins to decrease after 8 hours and disappears completely after 60 hours.(Extended effect).

Phibroflor has no side effects on egg productivity or hatching rate.

Phibroflor is rapidly absorbed from the intestine with rapid permeability through

membranes (CSF).


The perfect choice to get rid of Fowl Cholera, Salmonella, E. Coli and eliminate diarrhea in

birds and calves.


(15-30) mg/kg body weight.

Add to water -- 400 mg Phibroflor / liter of water for 5 days.

Feed additive -- 50 gm Phibroflor / ton of feed for 7 days