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Composition: (water soluble powder)

Each 1 kg contains

500 gm chlortetracycline hydrochloride

(Equivalent to 465 gm chlortetracycline base)


Baytachlor is a broad-spectrum antibiotic against

bacteria + ve – ve .

Baytachlor works Bacteriostatic, Bactericidal according

to the concentration.

Baytachlor does not lead to any significant

improvement in the health of the flock against most


Baytachlor reduces the risk of secondary injuries

during a viral infection.

Baytachlor leads to an increase in growth rates and an

improvement in FCR.

Baytachlor has no harmful effect on the characteristics

of the egg and shell.


It is used as prevention and treatment for mycoplasma /

coryza / cholera / E. Coli \ Typhoid pullorum.

As well as the treatment of turkeys from mycoplasma.

It is used to improve egg production rates and improve

fertility and hatching rates.


To add to water --- 100 gm / 1000 kg live weight

at a rate of 0.5 gm/liter of water for 5 days

To add to fodder --- 0.5 -1 kg / ton of feed for 7 days


1,5, 25 kg.